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We were the first Japanese company to acquire a license as a printing company in southern Vietnam. We would be happy to make even a small contribution to the introduction of Japanese quality to Vietnam and the further development of the Vietnamese printing industry.

Privacy policy

1.Acquisition of private information

  • This company acquires private information using legal and fair methods.

2. Use of private information

  • This company will use private information within the utilization objective parameters indicated when it is acquired to the extent necessary to execute operations.
  • If this company uses private information jointly with a third-party or consigns the handling of private information to a third party, this company will conduct a stringent investigation of the third party in question, and provide the appropriate direction necessary to ensure the maintenance of confidentiality.

3. Third-party provision of private information

  • Except in situations established otherwise by law, this company will not provide a third-party with private information without the prior approval of the person in question.

4. Management of private information

  • This company will endeavor to maintain accurate and up-to-date private information, and to prevent inappropriate access of private formation, or loss, destruction, alteration, leaking, or other such compromising of private information.

5. Disclosure, correction, utilization suspension, and deletion of private information

  • This company confirms that the persons in questions possess the right to seek disclosure, correction, utlization suspension, deletion, or the like of private information, and will swiftly resond to such requests without objection.

6. Organization and system

  • This company will appoint a person in charge of private information protection management and a private information production manager, and will conduct appropriate management of private information.
  • This company will provide its directors and employees with training pertaining to the protection and appropriate management methods of private information, and will thoroughly implement the appropriate handling of private information in its everyday operations.

7.Establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving the private information protection compliance program

  • In order to facilitate the sound handling of private information, this company will establish a private information protection compliance program (including "private information protection regulations" as well as other regulations and rules) , exhaustively notify employees of this company and other involved parties of this program, and will implement, maintain, and continuously improve it.