Japanese printing quality reproduced in Vietnam

“Japanese printing quality reproduced in Vietnam”

We can provide satisfactory printing quality to corporations that are considering on-site procurement of printed materials in Vietnam, or corporations that feel dissatisfied with the quality of on-site procurement.

The quality of Japan to Vietnam

A business will not suceed in Japan if it does not properly arrange for printing quality, processing quality, delivery by deadlines, and cost balance. In contrast with this, it is no exaggeration to say that there are no companies in the emerging nation of Vietnam that have all of these elements in place. We aim to have the best quality in Vietnam by bringing to the country the Japanese quality standards that allow all these elements to be in place at once.

Welcome to Taisei Bijutsu Printing (Vietnam) Co.,Ltd.

Why expand to Vietnam now?

The goal of our expansion is to provide printing support for expanding foreign companies in Vietnam centered on Japanese firms. Vietnam still does not have an environment that is sufficiently conducive to business expansion, and there are numerous corporations that have problems with materials procurement there. Amid this state of affairs, we have come to provide solutions for increased printing needs. We are dreaming big, and while keeping an eye toward seamless expansion to the ASEAN countries, we first will bring Japanese quality to southern Vietnam. We would also like to expand activities involving matching of overseas production demand of the various nations of Europe and America.

We provide optimal services for the following.

  • Corporations expanding to Vietnam that are considering on-site procurement
  • Corporations that are dissatisfied with the quality of on-site procurement in Vietnam
  • Corporations from developed countries that are considering overseas procurement of printing materials


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