Staff -Introduction of people who work at Vietnam-

There's an old expression that says "when in Rome, do as the Romans do", and we wholeheartedly face the prospect of developing after total immersion in Vietnam.

Staff Interview

Mai Thi Kim Van

So now I have to work at Taisei printing company for 2 years in the business department.

The first time, entering the company, I was a bit crestfallen, but under the guidance of their superiors, I've got used to my work.


Tran Thi Kim Huynh

Date of birth: 19/10/1984
Birthplace: Tien Giang
Qualifications: Bachelor
Favorite food: grilled calves
Country she would like to visit: Japan, Holland

[ Q ] Why did you join Taisei Bijutsu Printing Vietnam?

I want to challenge in a new work environment.

[ Q ] What is appealing about Taisei Bijutsu Printing Vietnam?

I think that TBVN is young company with young human resources.

[ Q ] What do you find appealing about your current work?

I can understand new knowledges about the printing and improve communicate skills with the customers.

[ Q ] How would you sum up Taisei Bijutsu Printing Vietnam in one phrase?

Potential of development.

[ Q ] What do you feel thatTaisei Bijutsu Printing Vietnam needs?

TBVN need to enhance printing techniques and improve system management.

[ Q ] What would you like to tackle in the future at Taisei Bijutsu Printing Vietnam?

Improving professional for staff.