Field -Developing Vietnam.-

Vietnam still does not have an environment that is sufficiently conducive to business expansion, and there are numerous corporations that have problems with materials procurement there. Amid this state of affairs, we have come to provide solutions for increased printing needs.

Reason why in Vietnam

Why Vietnam? Vietnam is a young country with great potential; it has a population of 86 million and an average age in the late 20s (as of 2009), with the high motivation for growth and the diligent nature of its people often cited as factors for expansion there, but our reason for expanding there is that we feel that there many corporations in Vietnam that would like to make use of our skills due to the fact that the printing business in Vietnam is still developing. Also, although southern Vietnam is hot and humid, its climate is stable year-round, which was a favorable condition for those of us who handle paper.


Our company is located in the My Phuoc Industrial Park. It is the largest industrial park in southern Vietnam, measuring 6 km north-south and 6 km east-west, with an area about half of the area within the Yamanote line. It is built on sturdy ground, and it is said that at the time of the Vietnam War the United States military used it as an aircraft lift off and landing site, but afterwards the rubber trees covering it were clear-cut and it became a local industrial park.

Plant construction, the basic plans for which Chairman of Taisei Bijutsu and the representative of Taisei Bijutsu Japan worked on personally. Visitors are greeted by an unglazed brick facade.

Another of our strong points is our human relations that transcend barriers between Vietnam and Japan and allow us to mutually rely on one another as comrades working toward the same goal.