Business -To be the No.1printing company in Vietnam.-

C$00F9ng v$1EDBi vi$1EC7c $00E1p d$1EE5ng ph$01B0$01A1ng ph$00E1p qu$1EA3n l$00FD s$1ED1 li$1EC7u, x$00F3a b$1ECF tri$1EC7t $0111$1EC3 nh$1EEFng y$1EBFu t$1ED1 b$1EA5t $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh t$1EEB l$1EF1c l$01B0$1EE3ng c$00F4ng nh$00E2n, ch$00FAng t$00F4i tr$00E2n tr$1ECDng g$1EEDi $0111$1EBFn qu$00FD kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh d$1EF1a tr$00EAn $0111$1ED9 ch$00EDnh x$00E1c trong s$1EA3n xu$1EA5t theo $0111$00FAng ti$00EAu chu$1EA9n Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n.

N$1ED9i dung c$00F4ng vi$1EC7c v$00E0 thi$1EBFt b$1ECB

Ch$00FAng t$00F4i nh$1EADn s$1EA3n xu$1EA5t t$1ED5ng h$1EE3p c$00E1c lo$1EA1i s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m in $1EA5n. T$1EEB c$00E1c s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m nh$01B0 s$00E1ch h$01B0$1EDBng d$1EABn, bao b$00EC $0111$1EBFn c$00E1c s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m tuy$00EAn truy$1EC1n qu$1EA3ng c$00E1o s$1EBD ng$00E0y m$1ED9t t$0103ng tr$00EAn th$1ECB tr$01B0$1EDDng c$00E1c n$01B0$1EDBc $0111ang ph$00E1t tri$1EC3n. T$1EEB giai $0111o$1EA1n ch$1EBF b$1EA3n $0111$1EBFn sau khi in xong. V$00E0 d$0129 nhi$00EAn, v$1EDBi ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n.

【Theo s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m】

In gi$1EA5y m$1ECFng

  • S$1EA3n ph$1EA9m in d$00F9ng trong qu$1EA3ng c$00E1o, gi$1EDBi thi$1EC7u s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m
    Catalog c$1EE7a t$1EEBng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m ri$00EAng, catalog t$1ED5ng h$1EE3p, t$1EDD b$01B0$1EDBm,…
  • T$00E0i li$1EC7u
    S$00E1ch h$01B0$1EDBng d$1EABn s$1EED d$1EE5ng, linh ki$1EC7n ph$1EE5 t$00F9ng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m

In gi$1EA5y d$00E0y

  • Bao b$00EC s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m nh$01B0 khung, th$00F9ng

【Theo c$00F4ng $0111o$1EA1n】

  • Ch$1EBF b$1EA3n
    100% s$1ED1 h$00F3a, s$1EED d$1EE5ng k$0129 thu$1EADt CTP (Computer to plate), $0111$1EA3m b$1EA3o $0111$1ED9 ch$00EDnh x$00E1c m$00E0u s$1EAFc, t$00E1i hi$1EC7n l$01B0$1EDBi m$00E0u $1EDF m$1EE9c $0111$1ED9 cao.
  • In (Press)
    S$1EED d$1EE5ng ch$00FA y$1EBFu m$00E1y in 4 m$00E0u, in $0111$01B0$1EE3c tr$00EAn c$1EA3 gi$1EA5y d$00E0y c$1EE7a c$00F4ng ty Heidelberg, $0111$1EA3m b$1EA3o ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng m$00E0u $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh.
  • H$1EADu in
    T$1EADp trung v$00E0o 3 h$1EC7 th$1ED1ng thi$1EBFt b$1ECB ch$1EE7 y$1EBFu:
    Thi$1EBFt b$1ECB gia c$00F4ng d$00F9ng cho c$00E1c s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m in qu$1EA3ng c$00E1o nh$01B0 rang tr$00ED, g$1EA5p h$1ED9p, kh$00E2u g$00E1y….Thi$1EBFt b$1ECB gia c$00F4ng d$00F9ng cho gi$1EA5y d$00E0y, cho $0111$00F3ng g$00F3i bao b$00EC s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m nh$01B0 m$00E1y c$1EAFt theo khu$00F4n, m$00E1y g$1EADp v$00E0 d$00E1n. Ngo$00E0i ra c$00F2n c$00F3 thi$1EBFt b$1ECB s$1EA3n xu$1EA5t ra lo$1EA1i sticker ch$00E9o “nanamemoru” $0111$01B0$1EE3c c$1EA5p b$1EB1ng s$00E1ng ch$1EBF kh$00F4ng ch$1EC9 $1EDF Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n m$00E0 c$1EA3 $1EDF c$00E1c n$01B0$1EDBc kh$00E1c.
  • Qu$1EA3n l$00FD ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng
    Ki$1EC3m tra to$00E0n b$1ED9 s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m

Ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng

Ch$00FAng t$00F4i tr$00E2n tr$1ECDng g$1EEDi $0111$1EBFn c$00E1c doanh nghi$1EC7p ch$01B0a h$00E0i l$00F2ng v$1EC1 ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng c$1EE7a c$00E1c nh$00E0 cung $1EE9ng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m in $1EA5n Vi$1EC7t Nam nh$1EEFng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m v$1EDBi ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n th$1ECFa m$00E3n $0111$1EA7y $0111$1EE7 m$1ECDi y$00EAu c$1EA7u.

印刷色の安定 高度な加工精度

$0110i$1EC3m m$1EA1nh

【M$00E0u in $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh】

  • V$1EC1 m$1EB7t in $1EA5n, $00E1p d$1EE5ng ph$01B0$01A1ng ph$00E1p qu$1EA3n l$00FD s$1ED1 li$1EC7u. Ph$01B0$01A1ng ph$00E1p qu$1EA3n l$00FD d$1EF1a tr$00EAn s$1ED1 li$1EC7u, d$1EF1a tr$00EAn nh$1EEFng ch$1EC9 ti$00EAu kh$00E1ch quan n$00E0y gi$00FAp tri$1EC7t ti$00EAu t$1EADn g$1ED1c nh$1EEFng y$1EBFu t$1ED1 b$1EA5t $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh t$1EEB c$00F4ng nh$00E2n $0111i$1EC1u h$00E0nh m$00E1y $0111$1EA3m b$1EA3o m$00E0u in $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh $00EDt b$1ECB nh$00F2e.
  • $0110$1ED1i v$1EDBi nh$1EEFng m$00E0u $0111$1EB7c bi$1EC7t, ch$00FAng t$00F4i nh$1EADp m$1EF1c t$1EEB c$00E1c h$00E3ng m$1EF1c Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n DIC Vi$1EC7t Nam, TOYO INK Vi$1EC7t Nam $0111$1EA3m b$1EA3o s$1EBD cung c$1EA5p lo$1EA1i m$1EF1c chu$1EA9n $0111$00FAng v$1EDBi m$00E0u g$1ED1c tr$00EAn thi$1EBFt k$1EBF, v$00EC th$1EBF m$00E0u in ra s$1EBD kh$00F4ng ch$00FAt sai s$00F3t v$1EDBi thi$1EBFt k$1EC3, $0111$1EB7c bi$1EC7t $0111$1ED1i v$1EDBi nh$1EEFng m$1EABu in c$00F3 h$1ECDa ti$1EBFt l$1EB7p l$1EA1i, ch$00FAng t$00F4i nh$1EADn $0111$01B0$1EE3c s$1EF1 $0111$00E1nh gi$00E1 r$1EA5t cao.

【$0110$1ED9 ch$00EDnh x$00E1c khi gia c$00F4ng】

Sau khi in $1EA5n xong, c$00F3 r$1EA5t nhi$1EC1u giai $0111o$1EA1n gia c$00F4ng c$1EA7n ph$1EA3i th$1EF1c hi$1EC7n nh$01B0 trang tr$00ED, g$1EA5p, kh$00E2u g$00E1y, c$1EAFt khu$00F4n,…Tuy nhi$00EAn, d$00F9 m$1EA5t c$00F4ng in s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m r$1EA5t ho$00E0n h$1EA3o $0111i ch$0103ng n$1EEFa, nh$1EEFng thi$1EBFu s$00F3t trong kh$00E2u cu$1ED1i c$00F9ng c$0169ng c$00F3 th$1EC3 h$1EE7y ho$1EA1i ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m. Trong b$1ED1i c$1EA3nh r$1EA5t $00EDt c$00F4ng ty in $1EA5n c$00F3 th$1EC3 qu$1EA3n l$00FD ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m m$1ED9t c$00E1ch t$1ED5ng h$1EE3p t$1EEB giai $0111o$1EA1n in $0111$1EBFn gia c$00F4ng , m$00E0 th$1ECB tr$01B0$1EDDng gia c$00F4ng gi$1EA5y Vi$1EC7t Nam th$00EC v$1EABn ch$01B0a ph$00E1t tri$1EC3n, ch$00FAng t$00F4i xin cung c$1EA5p $0111$1EBFn qu$00FD kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng th$00E0nh ph$1EA9m in $1ED5n d$1ECBnh v$1EC1 ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng theo $0111$00FAng ti$00EAu chu$1EA9n ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n.

$0110$1EA6U TRANG▲

高度な加工精度T$1ED1c $0111$1ED9

Ch$00FAng t$00F4i, ngay c$1EA3 trong t$00ECnh hu$1ED1ng ph$1EA3i $0111$1ED1i ph$00F3 v$1EDBi th$00F3i quen “cao su” ng$00E0y giao h$00E0ng $1EDF c$00E1c n$01B0$1EDBc ch$00E2u $00C1 $0111i ch$0103ng n$1EEFa, c$0169ng s$1EBD ph$1EE5c v$1EE5 kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng b$1EB1ng ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n, ti$00EAu chu$1EA9n Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n.

Xin $0111$1EEBng b$1ECF cu$1ED9c. H$00E3y th$1EA3o lu$1EADn v$1EDBi ch$00FAng t$00F4i, ch$00FAng t$00F4i s$1EBD gi$1EA3i quy$1EBFt v$1EA5n $0111$1EC1 c$1EE7a b$1EA1n.

$0110i$1EC3m m$1EA1nh

【Tu$00E2n th$1EE7 th$1EDDi gian giao h$00E0ng】

Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n $0111$01B0$1EE3c nhi$1EC1u ng$01B0$1EDDi bi$1EBFt $0111$1EBFn v$1EC1 ph$01B0$01A1ng ph$00E1p qu$1EA3n l$00FD v$1EADn h$00E0nh $0111$01B0$1EDDng s$1EAFt v$1EDBi $0111$1ED9 ch$00EDnh x$00E1c cao v$1EC1 th$1EDDi gian, $0111$1EA3m b$1EA3o $0111$00FAng l$1ECBch tr$00ECnh.
C$00F4ng ty ch$00FAng t$00F4i c$0169ng ti$1EBFp nh$1EADn ph$01B0$01A1ng ph$00E1p qu$1EA3n l$00FD l$1ECBch tr$00ECnh theo $0111$00FAng “ch$1EA5t” Nh$1EADt nh$01B0 v$1EADy $0111$1ED1i v$1EDBi vi$1EC7c in $1EA5n, v$00E0 lu$00F4n c$1ED1 g$1EAFng h$1EBFt s$1EE9c $0111$00E1p $1EE9ng $0111$00FAng th$1EDDi gian giao h$00E0ng m$00E0 c$00F4ng ty $0111$1ED1i t$00E1c mong mu$1ED1n.。

$0110$1EA6U TRANG▲

CostChi ph$00ED

“C$1EE7a r$1EBB l$00E0 c$1EE7a $00F4i!”, n$1EBFu ch$00FAng ta kh$00F4ng gi$1EA3m b$1EDBt $0111$01B0$1EE3c kho$1EA3ng th$1EDDi gian v$00E0 c$00F4ng s$1EE9c b$1ECF ra $0111$1EC3 ki$1EC3m tra s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m sau khi nh$1EADn h$00E0ng, th$00EC k$1EBFt c$1EE5c t$1ED5ng chi ph$00ED cho s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m in $0111$00F3 s$1EBD b$1ECB $0111$1EA9y l$00EAn cao.

Ch$00FAng t$00F4i nh$1EAFm $0111$1EBFn h$00ECnh th$1EE9c kinh doanh ki$1EC3u Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n, t$1EE9c l$00E0 $0111$1EA3m b$1EA3o qu$00FD kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng c$00F3 th$1EC3 an t$00E2m s$1EED d$1EE5ng s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m m$00E0 kh$00F4ng c$1EA7n ki$1EC3m tra l$1EA1i, v$00E0 lu$00F4n t$1EADn l$1EF1c gi$00FAp qu$00FD kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng gi$1EA3m $0111$01B0$1EE3c t$1ED5ng chi ph$00ED h$1EBFt m$1EE9c c$00F3 th$1EC3.

$0110$1ED1i v$1EDBi c$00E1c qu$00FD kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng $0111ang c$00E2n nh$1EAFc gi$1EA3m chi ph$00ED in $1EA5n cho c$00F4ng ty m$00ECnh b$1EB1ng c$00E1ch in $1EA5n, s$1EA3n xu$1EA5t t$1EA1i Vi$1EC7t Nam v$00E0 xu$1EA5t ng$01B0$1EE3c l$1EA1i Nh$1EADt B$1EA3n, ch$00FAng t$00F4i c$0169ng s$1EA3n s$1EB1ng $0111$01B0a ra m$1ED9t m$1EE9c gi$00E1 th$00EDch h$1EE3p cho qu$00FD kh$00E1ch.

$0110i$1EC3m m$1EA1nh

【M$1EE9c gi$00E1 th$00EDch $0111$00E1ng, ph$00F9 h$1EE3p v$1EDBi ch$1EA5t l$01B0$01A1ng】

$1EDE c$00F4ng ty ch$00FAng t$00F4i, d$1EF1a v$00E0o vi$1EC7c ch$1ECDn l$1EF1a c$1EA9n th$1EADn v$1EADt t$01B0 $0111$1EC3 in l$1EABn v$1EADt li$1EC7u c$1EE7a m$00E1y in v$00ED d$1EE5 nh$01B0 m$00E1y in v$1EDBi $0111$1ED9 t$00E1i hi$1EC7n l$01B0$1EDBi m$00E0u t$1ED1t, m$1EF1c in ch$1EAFc ch$1EAFn t$00E1i hi$1EC7n $0111$00FAng m$00E0u, khu$00F4n in c$00F3 $0111$1ED9 b$1EC1n cao, $0111$00E1m b$1EA3o cung c$1EA5p ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh cho qu$00FD kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng.

T$1EA1i $0111$1EA5t n$01B0$1EDBc m$00E0 v$00EC ngu$1ED3n v$1EADt t$01B0 $0111$1EA7u v$00E0o b$1EA5t $1ED5n $0111$1ECBnh, n$00EAn nghi$1EC5m nhi$00EAn l$00E0 khi ki$1EC3m tra th$00E0nh ph$1EA9m l$00FAc n$00E0o c$0169ng ph$1EA3i ki$1EC3m tra to$00E0n b$1ED9 l$01B0$1EE3ng h$00E0ng nh$01B0 $1EDF Vi$1EC7t Nam, c$00F4ng ty ch$00FAng t$00F4i xin cung c$1EA5p s$1EA3n ph$1EA9m $0111$1EA7y ch$1EA5t l$01B0$1EE3ng v$00E0 $0111$1EE7 s$1ED1 l$01B0$1EE3ng, gi$00FAp c$1EAFt gi$1EA3m c$00F4ng $0111o$1EA1n ki$1EC3m tra th$00E0nh ph$1EA9m, ti$1EBFt ki$1EC7m t$1ED5ng chi ph$00ED s$1EA3n xu$1EA5t cho qu$00FD kh$00E1ch h$00E0ng.

$0110$1EA6U TRANG▲